Jordan Foreman

Front End Web Developer

Hi! My name is Jordan, and I make The Web

I've spent the past seven years using the web to push the boundaries of human communication through the design and development of thoughtfully crafted digital experiences. I specialize in designing and implementing engaging and innovative ways for users to consume content on the web, no matter what devices they may use. Check out some of my work!

When I'm not busy solving problems, I can be found reading, writing, cycling, gaming, and pontificating on Twitter

Products I've Helped Build

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I've helped build a lot of cool stuff with a lot of even cooler people! If you're cool and are looking for a cool guy to build something cool with, get in touch!

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– layout: post title: How to use Jekyll with Github Pages published: false –

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Building Your First Website Using Node.js (Part 1) Hello Node

This is the first in a series of posts that explain, at length, how to build a fully-featured website or web application using Node.js and the popular Express framework.


  • Basic understanding of terminal usage
  • Basic JavaScript comprehension

What is Node?

Node.js is an open-source server-side I/O framework built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. It provides...

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Everyday I'm Jekyll'n

I’ve been meaning to convert my blog to Jekyll for awhile now, and I’ve finally got around to it thanks to Barry Clark and his fantastic Smashing Magazine tutorial.

Until now, I’ve been using Wordpress exclusively for content driven sites. While Wordpress outshines most CMS for client sites, its always felt super clunky to me. To be...

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JavaScript Game Development - Breakout

Creating video games can be a very fun and rewarding exercise for anyone looking to improve their development skills in any language. Its beneficial for anyone new to the field of game development to try their hand at recreating some of the simpler classics. In this article, we’ll walk through creating our very own Brick-Breaker game with just JavaScript!


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